Achieve Your Full Potential Integrated Allied Health Services & Neurological & Physiological Self-Regulation We review your medical and personal history, sleep patterns, nutrition, provide other strategies to assist you in meeting your health and wellness goals. These services may include naturopathy, homeopathy, counselling, hypnotherapy, shiatsu massage, Indian head massage, reflexology, Orton Gillingham therapeutic tutoring, as well as kinesiology/Brain Gym exercises to activate various brain functions. Low cost option such as Brain Gym have been demonstrated to enhance analytical thinking, organization, communication, presentation, writing skills, as well as fine and gross motor movement.

Even exercise alone has been demonstrated to reduce symptoms of depression as well as offering other health benefits. Hypnotherapy could be another option to enhance clinical outcomes, speed up recovery time, and help you with achieving your personal, professional, and health goals. We also provide referrals to support groups or non-profit organizations; liaise with schools, families and medical professionals; parent education, workshops, and client support; as well as having an extensive resource library for families to benefit from.Below is a list of conditions responsive to EEG Biofeedback according to published clinical data (BCIA 2004, Evidence-Based Practice in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback, Donald Moss, Ph.D., and Lynda Kirk, MA, AAPB 2004.) as well as the associations' and industry's publications.Introduction to Neurofeedback - by EEG Spectrum International.


Promote the achievement of one's full potential through brain-based self-regulation techniques.

Conditions Treated

Depression, Insomnia, Pain, & More


Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorders


Addictions, Alcohol, & Testimonials.


Dr Daniel Amen Discusses Treating


Clinical Findings, Outcomes, & Testimonials .

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